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About Us

Welcome to JOJO Pet Store! We are passionate about bringing you the most creatively designed pet leash, training toys and daily essentials for your tiny friends! We are both animal lovers and made this to share our passion with you. As our store continues to grow, we are also committed to providing you with sophisticated and trusted brands of pet items.

Visit us today and see why JOJO Pet Store is the perfect choice for you and your pet

Best Sellers

Rainbow Leash Set

Welcome to JOJO Pet Store, the one stop shop for all of your pet needs! We have a wide variety of items for you to choose from, carefully designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. Whether you’re looking for food supplies, toys, treats, or accessories, we have it all. Our Rainbow Leash Set is one of our best selling products, made with 100% cotton and soft leather. It gives your fluffy dog the complete comfort in a high fashion look. More colour variations are available in store, so your pup can feel fresh and colorful every time you go out for a walk

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